Fact and Fiction of karona Virus, by Dr. Teepu Sultan, China

I live in the 3rd most affected city of China hit by corona virus epidemic . Some Pakistani students from some other cities are doing a propaganda by making videos , just to get free tickets back home . And our ignorant media is playing those videos again and again, making our friends and family worried about us for no reason . No one is stuck other than people in Wuhan . Because that city has been quarantined . Other than that all markets , restaurants and grocery stores are open everywhere . Flights are leaving on daily basis . If someone wants to leave , they can leave anytime , just buy a ticket by themselves . Several of my friends left in last 1 week without a problem .There are hundreds of thousands of other nationalities living in China too ,yet no one is making such a hue and cry . Our Pakistanis are always involved in groupings and creating fuss in university campuses . Few years back they used to respect Pakistanis , now the administration everywhere hates us and I don’t blame them . It’s all about free meals and free tickets . It’s only the Chinese government who could stop this infection from becoming a global epidemic, they have done a lot , listen to what WHO said about them . At least we have better chance of getting treatment in state of the art health facilities here rather than “NUCLEAR POWER” Naya Pakistan which doesn’t even have screening machines for corona virus . God forbids if Corona spreads in Pakistan , thousands would die without any treatment as let’s be fair , our hospitals are slaughterhouses lacking essential equipment , having unhygienic environment and unprofessional staff and our government is incompetent ! The people in those videos , most of them study on Chinese scholarships and live on monthly stipends paid by the Chinese government , yet they are unthankful which is a cultural thing . They need to have high moral grounds . They need to understand the meaning of “ Quarantine “ , it’s essential for our and our loved ones safety . Other than that only Allah can save us, so let’s just pray it gets controlled soon.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں