Rabwah visit by LUMS Students creates unrest ; by Raye Sijawal Ahmed Bhatti

Recently, a group of students from University of Management Sciences(LUMS) visited Rabwah. The city of Rabwah is a well known hub for Ahmadis living in Pakistan, as majority of the population of the city belongs to Ahmadiyya Community. The visit from the students of LUMS has created quite a media hype. It was claimed by so-called religious scholars that these students have hurt the sentiments of Muslims by visiting Rabwah.

The most prominent among these scholars is Orya Maqbool Jaan, a well known public figure. He questioned the authority who allowed the students to visit Rabwah. Dr. Taimoor Rehman has answered Mr. Orya in a very civilized and befitting manner in his recent F.B video. However, it is shocking to see if someone can be questioned for visiting a city within Pakistan. I ask, by which authority Mr. Orya can question an individual or a group over their actions?. One must know one’s limitations. Mr Orya Maqbool when talks about religion and morality; he excludes himself from the spectrum of morality. He thinks he has all the rights to express himself. For him, the emotions of others does not count. This gives a clear understanding of his radical mindset and his moral standards. He considers himself the all knowing and well versed in all fields of life. But, this does not shows his superiority, as a matter of fact, this shows that he is entrapped in a superiority complex, which is a psychological disorder. I sincerely advice Mr Orya Maqbool to visit a psychiatrist to get his disorder cured.

Pakistani society is a well preserved copy of Mid-evil Europe. There are astonishing similarities between the both. The most prominent similarities are: the role of religion and the power clerics hold, barriers to freedom of expression, more belief in fallacies than truth, feudal mindset and manipulation of religion, suppression of voices that differ, and curtailing the abilities of questioning. There are numerous more but these are the most prominent hindering the progress of Pakistan. Unless we break these chains, we can never progress. Europe moved forward once they realized that all these things are doing more harm to them than good. In Pakistan, religion is used as a tool to control the masses. It is used to promote political agendas and has become a sort of business. The actual face of this so-called religious society is extremely ugly. The recent confessions of Imran Ali, Zainab’s murderer, published on Humsab.com provides actual insight into the degraded society. The things he mentioned are happening in Qasoor, right under the nose of Khadim Rizvi, who claim to be a champion of Khatam.e.Nabowat. How can a scholar who cannot cure his society will save the whole religion?. The case of other religious scholars is also similar.

Furthermore, irony is that the people who believe in equality of human-beings are afraid to speak. Ahmadiyya issue is considered a heresy to talk about in Pakistan. It is also a reality that not talking about the issues make things even worse. A society becomes a dead society when there are no voices dissent left at all. It is important that people like Dr Taimoor should not bow down to the typical narratives. It is the matter of survival for the society and the nation. Ahmadiyya question should ne discussed openly as it is a reality and not a myth. It should be discussed without any religious prejudice. It should be discussed to remove the differences and to abridge the gaps. As should many other issues also be talked about. We have reached at a point of now or never. It is time for all the sane voices residing within or outside the country to speak out, without being afraid of anything. As it has become a matter of survival for us.

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