Concerns… Hamza Rao

Two Pakistani transgenders were packed in sacks, thrashed with sticks and tortured to death. But we have not heard even a single word from the Pakistani government. So far, the news has also been neglected and no further investigation has been made.

I want more people to talk about this! This is too brutal and inhumane to be neglected. Saudi Arabia can choose to maintain its narrow-mindedness and enjoy living in 7th/8th century, but it shouldn’t dare to do any harm to these persecuted minorities of other countries.

“The sad thing is that i can do a lot of emotional pieces on the miseries of transgenders and take interviews of people but there are no substantial evidences yet. Nothing to write original on the actual incident. Even the amnesty International has failed to verify the incident. But we definitely know about KSA’s discrimination against LGBT community and other minorities, KSA is perhaps the most strongest country in terms of hiding its iniquitous acts and suppressing dissent. The country where every crime becomes excusable. Saudi prison system doesn’t allow information out or any contact of those jailed to any family, press etc unless the case is solved.


“Saudi Arabia last year also insisted the United Nations keeps LGBT rights out of its development goals. Saudi authorities, as Amnesty international argues, conduct a thorough and independent investigation into any allegation of torture and extra-judicial executions and bring those suspected of criminal responsibility, including state agents, before ordinary courts in proceedings that meet international standards of fair trial and without the recourse to the death penalty”

Now one thing is confirmed.

Those two were killed or not but the news of their torture and killing is Totally killed and breathing no where on mainstream media!

Inna Lillah hi wa inna ilaihe Rajeoon.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں