Applicable strategy anywhere, by: Kashif. Chaudry. USA

The dilemma of the “orthodox” American Sunni: How to pass Takfir on Ahmadi Muslims and yet not be known as a Takfiri.

Let this be clear. Whoever refuses to identify a self-identifying Muslim as Muslim is Takfiri. Simple. No two ways there. And while I acknowledge your right to be Takfiri, pluralist Muslims have equal right to condemn the Takfiri evil.

In the last one week, after Mahershala Ali’s win, many Sunni Muslims have passed Takfir on social media. These include some notable Sunni activists like Tarek El-Messidi. Others include Rafik Beekun and Shibli Zaman.

Interestingly, none of them has agreed to have a discussion on this issue despite requests for dialogue. I hereby ask them publicly to come sit with us and try to understand Ahmadi Muslims just as we want the rest of America to understand us all. Lets break bread. Let’s work together.

And if you insist on being Takfiri, then come forward and defend yourselves in a two-way debate. Let this serve as an open and public offer for discourse on this issue. I sincerely hope someone will take me on this offer.

Praying for pluralism and tolerance within the larger Muslim community. We need it most at this time.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں