Loud Thinking…………Hamza Rao

One of my colleagues, otherwise very brave, felt fear and trepidation after the news of Fawad Hassan’s abduction broke out. It took him some thirty minutes to make his mind to hop into his car and drive over to his home. In normal and healthy societies (and states), a common doesn’t have to experience this terror and fear on daily basis; It’s only the curse of security states. They don’t have to “make sure” they reach home safely.

What Utopia?! This has become the battle for survival; and is perhaps a childish and naive appeal to let us just exist! I ask you: when was the last time we complained about load-shedding, unemployment, poverty, etc? We have grown accustomed to that reality. But at least let us just BE! Do not ‘disappear’ us.

Hai dasht ab bhi dasht, magar khoon-e pa se Faiz
Seraab chand khaar-e mugheelaañ hue to hain

(Translation: The desolate desert we walked through still remains desolate, Faiz
But at least the thirst of some of its thorns has been quenched by the blood of our feet)

Loud thinking……Hamza Rao

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں