Loud thinking about 2nd ammendment, by Shaan Taseer

I had a heart warming experience with Ahmadi kids.

At the Jamaat e Ahmaddiya Annual awards ceremony where young children are being awarded for academic excellence.
Among them are also children who are receiving awards for becoming Hafez e Quran (those who know the holy book by heart)
How unconstitutional morally depraved and ridiculous is it that in our beloved country there are laws deciding who can and can’t read the Quran.
The sooner these laws end up in the rubbish bin of history the better.
Down with the second amendment.


Ladies and Gentlemen

With young award winners of the Jamaat Ahmaddiya who have just graduated with a first class secular secondary education recognized by all Canadian universities, as well as a religious education that involves a memorisation of the Quran.

This is the kind of scholarship that makes religion an agent for progress not regression.

Chatted with them. They were articulate and informed.

Congratulations to these stars of tomorrow. Well done kids. Rock on. May you turn the tide of thought against the laws that promote religious discrimination in our country with your argument and persuasion.

And i am on my tip toes to welcome such fair play and enlightening envoirnment in my own homeland.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں