The inevitable medium, by Marya Irem

If you are a teenager and reading this…………It’s time for a reality check! By the way, I dare you to make it the whole way through this text without looking at your phone! Mobile phones are starting to become a big part of our day to day lives. No, seriously…..I’m staring at mine as I write this! Now most of us can probably survive up to about one day without our phone? Okay so I’m not saying that we should all get rid of our phones! But what I am saying is that we should find a way to pass our time which doesn’t involve being on social media all the time!

Mobile phones can be quite useful from time to time but there are also quite a few disadvantages like social media for example; Now we all probably have heard of Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter. The problem nowadays with social media is that there can be quite a few catfishes and I’m not talking about the ones that live in the ocean! For people who don’t know what the phrase “catfish” means it’s when someone pretends to be someone who they aren’t for example; I could post a picture of a pretty, blonde girl when in reality I look nothing like that! There are also a lot of predators and men who like to lure innocent and young girls in. You have to also keep in mind that once you post something on the internet it’s there forever. People are going to take screenshots and save your personal information and maybe use it to blackmail you in the future. We should all be very careful of what we post and who we allow to see it. You can achieve this by setting your accounts on private, that way you get to decide who ca follow you and who can see your post. Another thing to bare in mind is if someone ever sends you a direct message be sure to check their profile before accepting the message.

There are a lot of people who like spamming other people’s DM’s with pointless and useless stuff. Now for those of you who have Instagram or Twitter or Facebook put your hands up if you hate being tagged in posts which aren’t even related to you! Yeah, me too! Some small “companies” like to tag random people in posts to try and convince them to buy whatever they are selling. If that ever happens to you just block them! It can be annoying and they honestly won’t stop. I myself have been tagged in a few posts, some of them were my friends and some of them were so called “companies”. Don’t be hesitant to block whoever you think of as threat or annoying. The truth is social media can have its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day we have to be careful of how we use it and our phones and remember to NEVER give out your personal information on social media to anyone. Unless you have ever met that person in real life and clarify that they actually exist then don’t share anything that they can use against you! Even if they keep asking you which they should have no reason to do so, tell them no and if they keep bugging you just block them! If they ask for pictures don’t send them! You are not obligated to do so. Just remember that you don’t owe anyone on the internet anything! Catfishes are quite a common thing on the internet that it’s actually quite scary and it’s all the more reason to be careful! Just remember to stay safe and take a break from your phone from time to time. Your mental and physical health is the most important thing! Your well-being should be more important than your phone.

Here are a few alternatives that you can do which don’t involve being on your phone!

1) Baking:
I personally love baking its just so satisfying and fun to do. The first time when I started baking was when I was around 15 years old. I remember when I invited a couple of friends around and we baked a cake. It also requires a lot of concentration and is just overall a fun thing to do!

2) Going out for a walk:
When was the last time that you took a walk I the nature or even just outside in the streets? Going out for a walk and getting some fresh air is always a good thing to do. If you don’t enjoy walking then how about riding a bike or maybe going out with a few friends to make it a little more fun?
Let your creativeness flow by picking up a pen and paper and try writing something! It may not be easy at first but trust me when I say that its so much fun. If you have difficulty in finding a topic then look around you! I am sure that there is something interesting to write about.

4) Swimming:
Learning how to swim is always a good thing to do! It may seem difficult at first but practice makes perfect! If you already know how to swim then why not visit your local pool once in a while? Swimming can be quite an enjoyable sport and is also quite beneficial.

5)Reading a book:
Reading can be quite a peaceful thing to do. Books can be someone’s escape from the real world, I remember how I would get lost in a book for hours. I don’t have a favourite genre, when it comes to books I read anything that is appealing to me.

6)Helping people in need:
Doing charity work is a noble cause! Never forget that giving is more satisfying than taking. Helping people out by giving them a better chance at life can be one of the most rewarding things that you could do. We should never ignore the people around us who are in need of some of the most basic human needs like food or clothes. It’s never too late to help them!

Just remember to enjoy life while it lasts, some of you have your whole life ahead of you! Don’t spend it behind a screen.

Written by: Marya Irem

Photo by, Tehdees e Rehmat

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