An other Ramadan with an other attack on Ahmadis in Pakistan…….Editorial

In the midnight, a state paternoised mob has attacked Ahmaddyia MUbarak Mosque in the old part of Sialkot city, of Punjab, Pakistan.
Police and Distt. Managment is at the spot and calling it an illegal Construction.
The mosque is more than one hundered years Old and house has the same history and was renovated last year as it was residence of founder of Ahmaddyia community.
It is yet to see that wheather the government and state are gaining or loosing their grounds by making Ahmaddyia life and property more vulnerable every day.
Media is reportedly there but regards it a “none issue”.
We can only pray and wish that God save Pakistan and its mainstream media from witnessing a real “Issue” as an eye opener.
The tress pass and violence against a peaceful community is in procecc when these lines are being posted.

Pitures of the incident in Sialkot.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں