Joota…….by Waseem Altaf


The father of the little girl Zainab, raped and murdered recently, requested the government to change the head of the joint investigation team as he happened to be an Ahmadi (non-Muslim.)Hence, Abubakr Khuda Bakhsh, a very competent and honest officer of the police force has been replaced.

As I came to know of the above development, I don’t know why a mini story titled “Joota” by Saadat Hasan Manto flashed in my mind. The story is based on the frenzy of religious riots which took place in Lahore during partition. A statue of Sir Ganga Ram, the philanthropist and builder of Lahore once stood on Mall Road, Lahore. It is no more there.

Manto’s story goes as follows:
“An inflamed mob, after attacking a Hindu residential area, turned to attacking the statue of Sir Ganga Ram. They first pelted it with stones; then smothered its face with coal tar. Then a man carrying a garland of old shoes climbed up to put it round the neck of the statue but police arrived and opened fire. The one who had put garland of old shoes fell and got injured. The injured was thus rushed to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.”
Waseem Altaf

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں