Colosseum Turns Red ; by Waseem Altaf

Colosseum Turns Red

The civilized world realized much earlier that the state has to be neutral, non-discriminatory and non-partisan, unlike a theological state, which is always biased towards those who belong to the state religion. And consequently unfavorable towards the hapless minorities.
Our so-called “visionary” leaders never realized that while demanding a state based on Islamic theology they were actually playing with fire which would engulf the state in the coming years.
That precisely happened. Uptill the 70th year of its creation tens of thousands of people have been butchered in the name of Islam.
The minorities suffered the most, especially those belonging to the weakest sections of the society.

General Zia-ul-Haq introduced the blasphemy laws which have hit Christians the most. Majority of Christians are poor and are engaged in menial jobs like cleaning and sweeping. They live in shanty towns and are subjected to the most humiliating treatment in the “Islamic state.”
Muslims consider them dirty and unclean. Nobody even wants to shake hand with them. The word “choorha” is used to refer to a Christian even if he is a university professor. After the introduction of blasphemy laws these people face a constant threat. Reason: Anybody can accuse them of committing blasphemy. Rimsha Masih a mentally challenged teenage girl was accused by a mullah of this heinous crime. Similarly, Aasia Bibi, was also accused of blasphemy by another molvi. Rimsha Masih had to leave the country while Aasia Bibi is still rotting in jail. And there are several cases where entire neighborhoods of Christians were burnt down by fanatic Muslims on frivolous blasphemy allegations. In majority of the cases, there were personal vendettas and property disputes which were given a sinister twist to charge mobs which can lynch individuals or even burn them alive in the name of Islam. No lawyer takes up the case of a blasphemy accused and judges fear exonerating the accused.

The latest case is that of Patras Masih, 18,accused of blasphemy and his cousin Sajid Masih, 24.
They were severely tortured by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA.) So much so that Sajid Masih who was not even accused was forced to have oral sex with his cousin. It was unbearable for the poor boy and he jumped from the fourth floor of the building. He was badly injured. When he jumped, the investigating officer was saying his prayers.
On Saturday 24th February 2018, Rome’s ancient Colosseum was lit in red in solidarity with persecuted Christians, particularly Aasia Bibi, a woman condemned to death under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.
Today, I feel ashamed to be a citizen of this country!
Waseem Altaf

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں